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Canada Summer Games Rowing & LOWAC

  • British - Columbia Dianne Griffiths $400.00
  • Alberta -  Betty Wickman $500.00
  • Saskatchewan -  Marion McKay $450.00
  • Manitoba - Laurie Dufresne $500.00
  • Ontario -  Irene McCuaig $375.00
  • Quebec - KACL Arts Hub $200.00
  • New Brunswick -  Rose Wiley $300.00
  • Nova Scotia -  Marielle Benson $400.00
  • Prince Edward Island -  Holly Friesen $500.00
  • Newfoundland/Labrador -  Pippi Johnson/Susan Tooley $450.00
  • Canada Summer Games -  Susan Bulman (Shester) $800.00

Thank-you to all the artists who participated and the LOWAC president board, Sue Straight, who spearheaded this event.  Any many thanks to all LOWAC and Rowing Club members who volunteered setting up, picking up and delivering oars.  

In addition, Pinecrest Home for the Aged, the Rowing Club and LOWAC participated in a unique project in the spring of 2017 which involved painting a single rowing scull (donated by Lori Laffin).  

During three afternoon sessions the scull was decorated with lovely landscape scenes of Lake of the Woods. During the Canadian Summer Games Rowing event at Rabbit Lake it was signed by the athletes, coaches and officials who participated.  Marielle Benson, Sue Straight, Theresa Wilson and staff of the Activation Department at Pinecrest assisted the residents.  When completed the scull was displayed outside the tennis court fence in Garrow Park.

Oars from the provinces participating, painted by 11 LOWAC artists, were displayed above.  Planted with lovely flowers this was a beautiful display for all to enjoy during the Games.  This scull will be displayed permanently, along with 2 of the oars at the Kenora Rowing Club.