Elizabeth Wires

My passion for working with glass started 35+ years ago. I have worked with all forms of glass, including traditional stained glass, mosaics, casting and fusing.

The glass and the natural environment are my sources of inspiration. I only have to look out the window of my Longbow Lake home glass studio to be inspired by the sky, water, and forest. Colour, texture and reflection are all combined in my one of a kind glass pieces. 

I discovered glass 35+ years ago. I find the process of working with glass challenging both artistically and technically. I love the technical process of working with glass, cutting it, breaking it and molding it into shapes. Combining techniques, fused glass with mosaics has been so much fun. I love everything about glass the colours,  texture, versatility, beauty, practicality  ...  after 35+ years the love affair with glass continues.

Elizabeth Wires
Midnight Loon Glass
382 Storm Bay Road
Box 120
Longbow Lake, ON P0X 1H0

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