Holly Ann Friesen

As a professional artist based in Kenora I draw inspiration from the natural beauty around me on the shield, in the forest, from the Prairie landscape that I grew up in and from my travels abroad.  My visual art practice involves taking familiar objects or scenes and creating something new.  The focus is to create an emotional connection with the subject without accurately replicating the subject matter visually. I want the viewer to be able to access the unknown and discover the subject matter with a unique perspective.

I started my professional career as a scientific researcher in the field of genetics and plant breeding before turning to the arts.  The specific field I was involved in required a great deal of creativity and examination of concepts in the abstract.  I apply these concepts to my art practice where subject matter is examined at a micro and macroscopic level leading to the overall imagery.

I am intrigued by the idea of challenging the audience to see more than the original object or inspiration – to overcome intuition and encourage people to think more deeply about what they are seeing.

Holly Ann Friesen
215 Second St S
Kenora ON P9N 1G1
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