Rose Wiley

Northwest Ontario is my home and has inspired my creativity. I am best known for my watercolour and ink work. Originally I produced a line of greeting cards with local scenes and whimsical characters. While still continuing my card line, I have broadened my scope to larger works and have been exploring mixed media; acrylic paints, fabrics, papers, watercolour and inks.

Many people have suggested that I must begin a watercolour with an ink sketch and then add the paint. In face, I do the reverse. Layers of watercolour are applied and then I select the areas to define with ink. This method adds a looser quality to the artwork.

The work reflects a light hearted expression of my life experience which I enjoy sharing with individuals and groups of students. I teach in the summer and fall of the year and if you are interested in private or group lessons please contact me between June and October.

Rose Wiley
RR#1, Site 16, Box 11
203 Duffus Road
Keewatin ON P0X 1C0
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